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Our long time client, Meddy proves a positive mindset and perseverance can push our bodies to reach its full potential.

Dedicated to running, Meddy travels internationally to run in marathons taking place throughout cities and backwoods. He trains his mind so he can challenge his body.

Every tattoo reflects his spirit, discipline, and outlook on life. He decorates his body as he tests his limits in the harshest conditions. Video credit: Freeman.Productions



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A collaboration with our favourite mens lifestyle brand, clocks and colours, this hefty ring is full of symbolic meaning. Death's scythe lingers behind a draining hour-glass. A chess King adorns each side. Time is finite — live it well.

available in sterling silver and stainless steel.



BLACK WIDOW TATTOO IS BUILT ON core values that reflect the culture AND ethics that allow us to master our craft. it’s the integrity we uphold that separates us from them. these are our traditions, our beliefs, and our values.


“Like many others, I say that jiu-jitsu saved my life.  And we are all partially correct. In reality though, it was discipline that saved us. It was discipline that allowed us to master our shit each day and set foot on the mats, against all odds, to seek inner peace through a study of violence.

Jiu jitsu was only a vehicle for rescue; it was discipline that got us behind the wheel every day, no matter how badly things were imploding around us. Whatever your vehicle is, trust in your discipline to help you drive it. Get in it and go.
Motivation will come and go, but discipline will remain. Believe in it. It makes everything possible.”

- Chino


"Loyalty is one of the hardest traits to find in people. A person who is found to be loyal has integrity and does it from their own heart, morals and free will. True loyalty is rare and not through obligations or hidden agendas. For someone who is loyal and holds whatever they're loyal to with such great value embraces death before dishonour"

- Dreegz

"To be hungry for answers, reflective on your strengths and weaknesses, and allowing to throw yourself into new experiences, will only lead you to opening new sets of doors. To grow, It comes from within. Master the art of learning, and you’ll never stop growing.”

- Jeremy



game changers

every client has a story, a passion, an imprint they leave on the world. It’s clients like these who break down barriers and defy the odds in their respected fields, their natural habitat. They’re more than just clients, they’re game changers.


"Tattoos started off as a way to individualize myself from the rest humanity as a form of self expression. But after having endured surgeries that left me scarred, they became a way to reclaim my self-confidence.

Covering my scars with Black Widow have given me the courage to live my life without any hinderance and with the utmost confidence.

Tattoos mean many things to different people, but for me, the tattoos from Black Widow have been positively life altering"

- Priya


"I wear my tattoos like the gi I put on my back everyday. It represents my armour, my discipline, hardships and battle scars. At Black Widow, I've met individuals who share the same values of honour and respect in their craft. True craftsmen in its sincerest form"

- Nacho

"We consider ourselves blessed to have some of the most amazing individuals as clients at Black Widow. They're hustlers, creators, and game changers like Pastel Supernova.

"Getting artwork done to me represents beauty, history and rebellion. Only the boldest are willing to put their truths on a physical canvas. My experience at Black Widow is always exciting and at times, cathartic. I love being surrounded by great artists who love what they do but whose egos don't match their skill. Everyone is low key but dope, real and friendly."

- Pastel Supernova


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and Osteopath, Melissa Biscardi making a house call to keep the Black Widow crew in top shape.

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The restart project was a chance for us to give back to our community. A service that allowed us to raise awareness not only towards mental health but the opportunities in moving forward.

As artists who are trusted with our clients at their most vulnerable, when given the opportunity, it’s our job to cover these scars. Literal or figurative, it’s our way to help grow and restart.