At Black Widow, every tattoo is started with a consultation.  This is a meeting between the artist and client where all details of the tattoo are discussed, such as size, placement, and budgeting.  We find that the consultation phase helps eliminate misunderstandings later in the tattooing process, and allows our artists to problem solve during pre-production.

For the consultation, we ask our clients to bring visual reference with them, preferably printed out.  This does not mean that we require photos of the exact imagery to be tattooed, but rather, just visual reference points to help communications between artist and client.

Although consultations are always free, we require a $200-$400 deposit to book any appointments for tattooing.  This deposit is deductible from the cost of the tattoo, and in the event of multi-session commissions, will be deducted from the final session.

We ask all clients to arrive for their tattoo appointments on time, rested, hydrated, and most importantly, well-fed.  It is best if a huge meal can be eaten just prior to arrival.  This is crucial for pain management during your session.  

There is a complex physiological chain of events that can go astray if blood glucose levels are not in a steady and elevated state when being tattooed, such as increased pain, and in extreme cases, fainting and vomiting.  If you have not had a substantial meal just prior to arrival, we reserve the right to postpone your appointment.

All tattoos are executed in a clean, controlled environment, which had been inspected and certified by government health agencies.

We also ask clients to please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for any clothing worn during the process.  Tattooing can be messy, so please leave your $500 white pants at home.  If necessary, bring a change of clothing and, although we do our utmost to control ink and pathogen spread, you must plan on your clothes potentially being exposed to pigments during the process.

No minors, babies, or pets are allowed in the premises.  Visitors are also not suggested due to hygiene regulations, and lack of space.

If you have any further questions regarding the process, please contact us directly.