Year In Review


As 2018 comes to an end, any successful business must look back and review its goals, accomplishments and mistakes to better set goals for the year after. Here, we appreciate the goals we’ve set and achieved throughout 2018 and hope to set a benchmark for the year to come.

1 // Giving Back to Our Community: The Restart Program

As advocates of mental health, we made it our responsibility to start the conversation and shine light on the issue of self-harm and more importantly, the options for moving forward. In 2018, we were proud to introduce the Restart Program that allowed us to work with volunteers looking to cover their scars and marks, free of charge. As artists we wanted to literally and figuratively cover their scars.

Note: You can also read about it on our HuffPost feature, which we are very grateful for, here:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4.04.35 PM.png

2 // Collaborating with Industry Leaders: Clocks and Colours

We were excited to be collaborating with our favourite mens lifestyle brand, Clocks and Colours, to create a custom designed hefty ring. On the front you see death’s scythe behind a draining hourglass, with a chess King on one side and the Queen on the other. Time is finite - live it well.

You can purchase the ring in Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver on Clocks and Colours site here:

3 // Showing Appreciation: Our Clients

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients. Our gratitude and appreciation is unmeasurable and we plan on sharing our appreciation for years to come. This past year was no different. We were excited to create a video series called Game Changers, where we featured the stories of some of our exceptional clients. Here are a few highlights from the series:

Priya: "Tattoos started off as a way to individualize myself from the rest humanity as a form of self expression. But after having endured surgeries that left me scarred, they became a way to reclaim my self-confidence. Covering my scars with Black Widow have given me the courage to live my life without any hinderance and with the utmost confidence. Tattoos mean many things to different people, but for me, the tattoos from Black Widow have been positively life altering"

Nacho: “I wear my tattoos like the gi I put on my back everyday. It represents my armour, my discipline, hardships and battle scars. At Black Widow, I've met individuals who share the same values of honour and respect in their craft. True craftsmen in its sincerest form”

Pastel Supernova: "Getting artwork done to me represents beauty, history and rebellion. Only the boldest are willing to put their truths on a physical canvas. My experience at Black Widow is always exciting and at times, cathartic. I love being surrounded by great artists who love what they do but whose egos don't match their skill. Everyone is low key but dope, real and friendly.”

Reflecting on 2018 leaves us extremely thankful for what we’ve created within the walls of our shop and beyond. We’re looking forward to even more collaborations, connections and community in 2019. If you’re part of a movement or artist or brand and you see a potential collaboration, please send us an email. Until then, we wish you all a safe and happy new year!

The Team at Black Widow Tattoo

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