Why Tattoo Schools Don't Work


With the ever-growing popularity of tattoos and tattoo culture comes the rise of people wanting to become tattoo artists. With this popularity on the rise, what follows are those looking to capitalize and create "tattoo schools." Tattoo schools profit off aspiring artists eager to learn the industry, with a curriculum based on little to no experience. Very often, these schools are led by graduates of the same program unable to find employment, as many reputable shops discourage hiring someone who graduates from said tattoo school.

Why? Instead of seeing "Certified Tattooer" declared on your graduating certificate after two weeks, shop owners see someone who took a shortcut and overlooked the importance of an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is a sacred bond between mentor and student upholding traditions in tattoo culture. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a school, an apprenticeship requires you to commit your time and energy to a mentor willing to sacrifice the same to ensure your success.

A respected mentor's goal is to relay their knowledge to someone they trust will contribute back to the tattoo industry. Spend the hours required in a shop to learn the ins and outs. From mopping floors and answering phones to sitting alongside your mentor as he or she tattoos; an apprenticeship allows you to absorb the endless information passed down from years of experience that no school can teach.

In an age where we want everything as soon as possible, be mindful when considering the outcome of your career. Tattoo schools may only last a couple of weeks, but its repercussions on your future is everlasting. Take your time and seek out reputable mentors. Experience day-by-day routines and soak in the information required to ensure you're a well-rounded and confident tattooer.

For more information on this topic, please check out www.notattooschool.com.

Black Widow