What You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Photo credit: Taylor oakes

Photo credit: Taylor oakes



You should know that the quality of outcome of your tattoo should be the most important goal in the process. Know your idea and be prepared to communicate it well. The result should be seen as more important than saving money, having to wait for an opening, or having to travel to get the job done right.

2. What to ask your tattoo artist before getting a tattoo?

Ask to see examples of the artist's work, such as print or online portfolio. This is the first step toward solidifying your artist choice.

3. How to pick the best tattoo artist for you?

Research. Have a vision that’s clear enough to be communicated and do your research. Maximize your resources, search on google, scroll through Instagram, and ask your friends. Check out portfolios and determine the style that gravitates towards you the most. Once you’ve found an artist whose style reflects your vision, get in touch and schedule a consultation if required. Sitting down with an artist and discussing the details of your piece will provide you a better grasp of whether or not they’re right for you.

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