Three Mistakes People Make When Getting A Tattoo

Photo credit: nicole Breanne hudson

Photo credit: nicole Breanne hudson

There are three main mistakes made when getting a tattoo:

The Wrong Artist

One of the biggest mistakes made when getting a tattoo is choosing the wrong artist. For example, just because you’re referred to an artist, doesn’t make that artist right for you. Artists will often specialize in a style that may or may not reflect your goals. Determine what these goals are and research artists who have showcased their ability to meet these goals based upon their previous work.


Another big mistake people make when getting a tattoo is micromanaging their artist and design. Assuming you’ve chosen the right artist, you are now dealing with an experienced professional whose style is in line with your goals. Creative freedom allows your artist to apply their artistic vision and execute with technical skill with your goals in mind and limiting this process can only hinder the final results.

Micromanaging your design not only limits your artists’ ability to be creative but also discourage and deter your artist from committing to your piece. Tattooers are not puppets, they work best when given creative freedom and being picky about every detail will only prevent them from being proud of their work.


Lastly, another mistake is trying to get a cheap tattoo. Bargaining for prices isn’t the same as finding deals on televisions.

This is for two reasons:

An artists’ rate will often reflect their skill set and experience. They’ve mastered their craft and have made a career providing a service not many can do. If you’re shopping around and an artist is willing to tattoo for cheap, this is an unhealthy sign from a “professional” and poor indicator that they’ll be able to deliver on your request. This may be due to lack of experience, clientele, and or confidence within their own work.

Alternatively, a skilled artist can reduce their rate and work within a budget by sacrificing details and simplifying the design. Though this can still make for a great tattoo, unfortunately, it prevents the concept to meet its full potential.

Keep these things in mind when you’re thinking of your next tattoo. Not only will it benefit the tattoo process but more importantly, the final results.

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