The Beauty of Single Needle Tattooing

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Less Is More

Incredibly detailed and intricate tattoos are making a bold statement on social media and in the tattoo industry. Breathtakingly realistic work, elegant fine line lettering, and dainty, delicate floral pieces; all of which are possible with the use of single needle.

What Is Single Needle?

Typically, in tattooing, needles are formed in a grouping of individual needles soldered together. Depending on the desired thickness of lines, tattoos can often be done with a 5-9 round needle configuration. But what does 'single needle' mean? Well, it means just that. One individual needle that allows artists to create a range of aesthetic details with the utmost precision.


Due to the nature of our skin, ink will always have a tendency to migrate, causing lines and details to blur over time. With the use of a single needle, it reduces the risk of ink bleeding and maintains crisp, clean lines that remain intact with time. This is because ink deposits are not as dense, but rather, more focused and concentrated onto a smaller area. This greatly improves a tattoo's quality and longevity.

Why It's Important:

It's important to seek out a reputable artist and shop when pursuing single needle work. Often, inexperienced artists will appear to be able to create these delicate pieces, only to have clients discover later that their treasured tattoos have dramatically faded or disappeared. Artists can even go so far as to be dishonest and misleading with their clients, assuming their client won't know the difference.

Don't fall victim to internet fads and do your research. Listen to your chosen artist when they explain what is and isn't possible with single needle. This will greatly increase the quality and outcome of your tattoo, and ensure that it will be enjoyed and admired for many years to come.

Black Widow