Q&A: This is my first tattoo. What's the process?

Photo credit: Taylor Oakes

Photo credit: Taylor Oakes

A common question we get asked at the shop is “This is my first tattoo. What’s the process?” To answer this question, we break it down into a few simple steps.

Initial Contact

After you’ve done your research and narrowed down the shop(s) and or artist(s) you’d like to work with. Reach out! This can be done through email, phone or direct message. Be sure to send visual references related to your tattoo concept along with details such as size and placement. That way, the scope of work can be assessed and determine whether a consultation is required.

Consultation and Booking

For projects that require more information, clients are encouraged to book an in-person consultation. Consultations are generally free and a conversation with an artist where they can efficiently determine the scope of work and provide details such as pricing, timing, and availability. Once the artist has collected the information they need, they’ll move forward with booking you in. Once you’re ready to book, you’ll be provided with available dates which require a deposit to secure. Be sure to review shop tips and policies as deposits are generally non-refundable.

Day Of Appointment

On the day of your appointment. Arrive on time, well-rested, and well-fed. Eating a large meal at least a half hour before your appointment is essential to your comfort throughout your sit. You’ll be asked to read and sign a waiver form as you wait for your artist to escort you to their station. At this point, you and your artist will have an opportunity to review your design before moving forward once your 100% ready.

Remember, do your research and don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s a new experience and a very exciting one at that. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and be prepared to address and questions and or concerns.

Note: This is a general process for most shops and artists. For a more detailed, step by step breakdown for Black Widow Tattoo, follow the process link.

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