How To Choose The Right Artist

Photo Credit: Taylor Oakes

Photo Credit: Taylor Oakes

With the fast-paced and ever-changing state of the internet, along with the booming popularity of social media, it is easier than ever to research and reach out to the perfect artist capable of bringing your tattoo idea to life. With the touch of a button, we have access to constantly updated portfolios of artists from every corner of the world. Because of this, navigating through the vast amount of available content in an already saturated tattoo industry can prove challenging to even the most knowledgeable tattoo enthusiast. Below, you'll find a guide to assist you through the process of choosing the right artist, curated by tattoo artists and collectors alike.

Determining the Style of Tattoo

Although most tattoo artists should be experienced in a range of styles, there are those that will choose to specialize in one particular style in order to carve out a niche for themselves and excel at their craft. A simple rose, for instance, could be designed and executed in a variety of ways depending on the artist that you ultimately choose to book in with.

American traditional work, for example, generally consists of bold lines and bright colours, developed stylistically in the early 1900s. Portraits, as well as true-to-life animal, floral, and landscape pieces are frequently associated with realism, and illustrative work tends to pull techniques from both traditional and realism, combining bold linework with realistic shading. There are many sub-styles of each of these as well (such as single needle and minimalism), so it's extremely beneficial for both you and your artist to understand and define exactly what you're looking for. This will help narrow down your search in finding the best artist for your piece.

Finding A Stylistically Capable Artist

Once you've determined the style of tattoo that you're interested in, your next step is to start searching online for an artist whose portfolio clearly illustrates that they not only have experience working with that particular style, but also excel at it.

Instagram is a great tool to use in order to find an artist whose work visually resonates with you. Ideally, most shop websites will provide a link to their artists' individual Instagram pages, which you can browse through until you are certain that you have found the most stylistically suitable artist to bring your idea to life.

Before moving forward, be sure to do a quick Google search of the tattoo shop itself that your artist is working in. Online reviews are generally a reliable indication of the kind of experience you'll have with your artist at said shop, and will help determine if it's the right fit for you.

Reaching Out

Once you feel that you've found the shop and artist you'd like to book in with, you can get in touch with them by either calling, emailing or walking right in. Calling or walking in will give you a better idea of the professionalism and vibe of the shop, and is definitely encouraged. When it comes to getting in touch via email, it's best to send a few images of what you're interested in having tattooed. Details such as placement, size, and your ideal budget are also extremely helpful when booking in clients, as it will assist the shop and your artist in understanding what you're after, and make the intake process far more efficient.

Simply research, and then reach out. By following these steps, you can feel confident that you'll end up with the best possible tattoo, as well as the best possible tattoo experience.

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