• Keep dressing on for 24 hours. tip: incase of seepage, place a towel under the tattooed area to avoid staining your sheets while you sleep.

  • Remove the bandage and wash your tattoo thoroughly. Do this by lathering unscented soap by hand for 20-30 seconds before rinsing. Repeat this step until the tattoo is completely clean. This will help eliminate the excess blood and plasma and reduce the risk of premature scabbing.

    tip: Remove bandage in the shower by running it under warm water. Grab from the corner and gently peel the wrap off. recommended soap: dove unscented. do not use a sponge or loofah.

  • gently pat dry with a clean, lint free towel.

  • avoid applying any lotion for the first 3-5 days. Let your natural oils aid in the initial healing process. Once your tattoo starts to feel dry, ITCHY, OR IRRITATED, apply 1-2 drops of unscented, water-based lotion. MOISTURIZE UNTIL THE LOTION HAS fully DISSOLVED. rECOMMENDED LOTION: LUBRIDERM UNSCENTED. do not use Polysporin or Neosporin.

    TIP: THE LESS LOTION, THE BETTER. Too much lotion will prevent the tattoo from breathing and cause unnecessary irritation.

  • do not submerge your tattoo in water during the healing process. ie. baths, swimming pools, saunas and etc. quick showers are okay but after your initial rinse, keep the tattoo facing away from the shower head.

    tip: if you’re not going to drink the water, don’t be in the water.

  • avoid exposure to the sun. keep your tattoo covered during the healing process as well as 1-2 weeks after to ensure your tattoo has settled.

  • do not pick or scratch your tattoo. you will expect minor irritation and itchiness. This is a healthy sign that your tattoo is healing.

    tip: aside from applying lotion, a light slap will alleviate the itch.

  • avoid wearing any clothing/ materials that may irritate the tattoo. ie. wool.

  • avoid any strenuous activities that may irritate the tattoo. ie. gym, yoga, dance and etc. if you still feel obligated to participate, ensure your tattoo is covered and your clothing is clean. be mindful when sweating and pat dry every 5-10 minutes. do not allow your tattoo to come in contact with any equipment or foreign objects.

  • healing can take up to 2-3 weeks.

  • do not listen to any self-proclaimed tattoo experts at the bar. follow these simple instructions and your tatoo will heal fine.