Thirsty Thursdays : Bunny Yeager

Bunny Yeager is an american photographer and pin up model from the 1950's.  Born in 1929, Bunny quickly turned to modelling and pageant contests after she graduated high school. She won several titles & quickly became one of the most photographed models in Miami, appearing in over 300 newspapers & magazines.  Much like pin up model Bettie Page (whom would later become friends), Bunny designed all her own outfits & bikini's for each shoot. She was launched into the world photography as a professional after one of her vocational school portraits was sold to Eye magazine for the cover of their 1954 issue. Soon after she met renowned pin up model Bettie Page, and the two of them struck up a great working relationship, taking over 1000 photos in their first year together. Bunny's photos are credited with assisting Bettie Page's climb to fame,  most notably after their collaboration on Bettie's Playboy shoot in 1955. Bunny also worked with Sammy Davis Jr. who occasionally assisted her on her shoots. 

Bunny led an incredible life appearing both in front of the camera & behind it. Her talent radiates through her photos to this day, photos that were pivotal points in the careers of many models. Thanks to her endless contributions to the world of photography, the beauty of the pin up era will forever be preserved. 

Black Widow